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Project Features

Luxury Farmhouse
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Project Overview

Welcome to Signature Global Sohna Gurgaon a lunch residential property well connected to Sohna Elevated Expressway, KMP Expressway, NH-8 and Southern Peripheral Road. The property in Gurgaon in the foothills of Aravali Hills was spread over 26 acres. This project is under conduction will be delivered soon. The development offer Luxury Farmhouses that are gratefully designed by the award winning architect Hafeez Contractors.

The amenities at Signature Global Sohna Gurgaon stand up to your expectations

Facilities club house, swimming pools, wifi connections, modern kitchens, large dining spaces, big living areas, automatic light control and balcony with small garden, installed for open space for Sitting and relaxing, large window from ventilation and sunlight facilities and apartments are carried out with 80% greenery area. The property encompasses expansive acres of land featuring robust RCC framed structures. The property boasts convenient access to schools, colleges, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, national highways, shopping malls and is well-connected to commercial spaces.

Inside Infrastructures of Luxury Farmhouse

  • Luxury farmhouses by Signature Global feature modern infrastructure within their premises.
  • Signature Global Sohna Gurugram project often includes modern amenities such as swimming pools, gyms and spas.
  • Inside infrastructure will also comprise entertainment areas like home theaters and game rooms.
  • High-end kitchens equipped with innovative appliances are common in luxury farmhouses.
  • Sohna Gurgaon farmhouses boast expansive gardens, orchards or vineyards for residents to enjoy.
  • Advanced security systems ensure the safety and privacy of residents.
  • Smart home technology including automated lighting and climate control is integrated into many luxury farmhouses.
  • Lavish bedrooms and bathrooms with upscale fixtures and finishes add to the comfort.
  • Indoor-outdoor living spaces such as balcony and terraces provide opportunities for relaxation and entertainment.

Outside Infrastructures of Signature Global Luxury Farmhouse

  • Luxury Farmhouses feature expansive outdoor spaces designed for leisure and entertainment.
  • These projects often include landscaped gardens manicured lawns and lush greenery surrounding the premises.
  • Outdoor amenities will have included swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball courts or other entertainment facilities.
  • Farmhouses in Signature Global Sohna offer private outdoor dining areas or barbecue pits for al fresco dining experiences.
  • Residents will enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding natural landscapes from various vantage points on the property.
  • Large jogging tracks and walking paths provide opportunities for outdoor exercise and relaxation.
  • Luxury Farmhouses by Signature Global often feature outdoor seating areas, gazebos or pergolas for enjoying the serene environment.
  • The property will include playgrounds or play areas for children ensuring a family-friendly outdoor experience.
  • High-end landscaping and architectural features enhance the aesthetic appeal of the outdoor spaces.
  • The Luxury Farmhouses prioritize privacy and security with gated entrances, perimeter fencing and surveillance systems ensuring a safe and exclusive outdoor environment for residents.

Safety and Security Measurement

  • High perimeter walls or fencing equipped with security cameras deter unauthorized access.
  • Gated entrances with access control systems and 24/7 security personnel monitor and regulate entry.
  • Advanced alarm systems with motion sensors and panic buttons provide immediate response in case of emergencies.
  • Well-lit pathways, driveways and outdoor areas enhance visibility and deter intruders during night time In Signature Global Sohna.
  • Video intercom systems allow residents to screen visitors before granting access.
  • Proper parking areas with monitoring cameras help to avoid vehicle theft or barbarity.
  • Fire detection and suppression systems ensure rapid response to potential fire hazards.
  • Close collaboration with local law enforcement agencies and community watch programs further bolster security measures fostering a safe and secure environment for residents and their guests.

Location Connectivity

Signature Global Sohna Gurgaon project enjoys excellent connectivity for various transport hubs, including riding services such as bus, auto, cab and OLAS. The residents have convenient access to airports and railway stations which facilitates trouble -free travel. Close to national highways ensures excellent connectivity to other cities and regions. The property near Rajiv Chowk and Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor outlines its importance as a major destination. Vatika Chowk and Sohna Road Metro stations are a few kilometers away which increase access to public transport options. Overall property connectivity for major transport nodes makes it a highly desirable place for residents and passengers.

How is Sohna for property investment?

Gurgaon presents a promising investment opportunity with its stable real estate market and ideal location near Delhi bolstered by well-connected transportation. The city is developed infrastructure coupled with its status as an economic hub and the presence of multinational corporations further enhances its appeal for commercial real estate ventures. Rapid urbanization drives demand for properties while government initiatives support investment across sectors. Gurgaon high quality of life complemented by safety measures like CCTV surveillance and police patrols ensures investor and resident security. Additionally its diversified economy makes it resilient to economic fluctuations making Gurgaon a safe bet for long-term investments.


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